Partnering with Sauermann for OEM products: The perfect fit

Many HVAC systems, such as air-conditioning units, boilers, and refrigeration displays, need condensate removal capabilities to evacuate condensate. With extensive experience in the field of air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration, Sauermann offers the largest variety of customizable OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) solutions.

We are an independent manufacturer of condensate removal pumps and accessories. In addition to manufacturing our own brand, we also do contract manufacturing. We customize our products and components to the specific needs of an HVAC manufacturer, build OEM units, and offer consultancy and specialized support services.

  • When standard products are not a good fit, Sauermann can engineer a custom-made solution.
  • Tailored solutions are available on both high and low-volume bases.
  • In-house design, engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities.
  • We are certified by ISO 9001 – the internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Customers can focus on their expertise and not on condensate solutions, which is our expertise.

We are experienced in coordinating with our OEM clients from the conception to product testing to final manufacturing stages.

Here are some of the top manufacturing companies worldwide who trust in our know-how: Daikin, Viessmann, York, CIAT, Riello, etc.

Sauermann customizations that we offer
  • Product design
  • Packaging in bulk or in units
  • OEM private labelling
  • Customized brackets
  • Pre-fitted components
  • On-demand accessories
  • Custom designed solutions for special requirements
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